Early documents

Someone stole from the roma!

The first document associated with Roma in Spain was a safe conduct pass granted by King Alfonso V of Aragón to Juan of Little Egypt on 12 January 1425:

As our dear and devout Juan of Little Egypt may travel with our approval to various parts of our kingdom and lands, we wish for him to be well treated and welcomed. We say and require of you under the risk of incurring our anger and indignation that Juan of Egypt and whoever travels and accompanies him should be allowed to travel to any city, town, locality and other parts of our region.

Four months later, he expanded the safe conduct pass enabling Juan to travel throughout his kingdom and instructed the Justice of Aragón to do whatever was necessary to ensure that:

Two dogs of great value that had been stolen by individuals from Aragón should be returned to Juan.

First document on the arrival of Roma in Spain. Safe conduct pass granted by King Alfonso V to Juan of Little Egypt. Dated 12 March 1425, in the city of Zaragoza. Archive of the Crown of Aragón. ↵
Article from the “Maj Khetane” educational project.
Written by Jesús Salinas.