The Virtual Museum of the Romani People in Catalonia

The Virtual Museum of the Romani People in Catalonia is an initiative of Integrated Plan for the Roma in Catalonia that was launched in 2010 and is the result of joint work between the administration, Romani organizations, experts and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. The Virtual Museum is currently run by Rromane Siklǒvne in coordination with the Integrated Plan for the Roma in Catalonia.

The main objective of the Virtual Museum is to give a voice to the Romani people in order to be able to explain themselves and approach Catalan society from an agile, comprehensible and communicative point of view. The Virtual Museum wants to be an active space under constant construction that facilitates the participation of all Romani groups in the promotion and dissemination of aspects of Romani culture most unknown to the general public.

Thus, during the last years, we are valuing the Romani culture, analysing our history and culture from a critical point of view, looking for the participation of Romani experts in the analysis of aspects like the artistic production or the own Romani thought or philosophy, in addition to interviewing and capturing the opinion of many leading Romani people within the community itself.

About Rromane Siklǒvne

Rromane Siklǒvne is a youth organization that was born with a very local objective: to promote the academic success of Romani students in the neighborhoods of Bon Pastor and Baró de Viver in Barcelona (Spain), promoting an education that must guarantee equal opportunities. Our organisation is made up by young Romani students who want to cooperate with other Romani young people. Our work is based on awareness raising with families and help young pupils to generate positive attitudes towards school education, as well as raise awareness, train and support school professionals in their educational work and improve their approach to minority cultural groups.

Although our initial objective was based on the local development of Bon Pastor and Baró de Viver, we are aware that the improvement of Romani communities must be promoted and accompanied by the generation of more inclusive policies at the municipal, national and European levels. Thus, we began to participate in different decision-making areas at the national level, playing a very active role within the Integral Plan of the Romani People in Catalonia and the Municipal Council of the Roma in Barcelona.

Together with the development of our educational reinforcement and support project, we began to develop initial trainings of Romani Language for children, youth and adults, since we believe that the recuperation of the Romani language is the first of the milestones to be achieved by the Spanish Roma, and for the whole Spanish society, in order to do justice and dignify our culture.

Rromane Siklǒvne is an organization dedicated to the social, cultural and educational promotion of children and youth, and especially Romani children and youth, historically discriminated against and excluded. That is why our organization has a firm commitment to the protection and safety of children and youth who participate in our activities and, in order to make our commitment tangible and effective, we establish a Child Protection Policy that will guide the action of our employees, volunteers and members of the organizational management to ensure a child-safe environment is maintained at all times.